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5 Senses of Autumn

I love everything about autumn, from the smell of the seasonal candles to the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. Here's autumn in five senses -- and my favorite parts of each of them!


5 Do’s That I Don’t

We all have our quirks. A handful of my more quirky habits are things I DON'T DO that are socially acceptable -- encouraged even -- to do. I don't feel guilty and neither should you! Here are five things I choose to skip out on: 1) Pamper my guests We usually entertain at least once… Continue reading 5 Do’s That I Don’t


5 Reasons I’m Starting a Blog

Welcome to She Lists Five -- a lifestyle blog written for busy women (although men are welcome too, of course šŸ™‚ ). Iā€™m hoping the tips and stories I share here will provide something for others ā€” whether humor, advice, or the simple knowledge that someone else feels the same way you do! I plan… Continue reading 5 Reasons I’m Starting a Blog