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5 Non-Classic Books Your Kids Will Love

If your daily routine is anything like mine, then you spend about half an hour reading multiple children’s books. Of course we all love The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Where the Wild Things Are, but there are only so many true classics and it’s easy to get bored — even if your kiddo is perfectly happy reading the same books over and over.

Here are five non-classic stories to add to your bookshelf that you and your kids will both love:

1) CUSTOMIZABLE: The Little Boy Who Lost His Name by David Cadji-Newby & Pedro Scrapicos

I knew I wanted this book for Nolan as soon as I saw it. It’s 100% customizable for your little boy or girl, taking them through a bedtime adventure while spelling out their name. The creator/buyer of the book gets to pick a different adventure to associate with each letter. It’s such a fun and creative way to teach your kid how to spell their name!

2) Little Humans by Brandon Stanton

When we received this book as a gift, I honestly didn’t really think Nolan would be into it. Now he’s requested to read this book so many times that he can actually recite all the words as we flip through the pages. He absolutely loves it! This was an every night bedtime classic for us for months (upon Nolan’s request).

It’s quick read written in rhyming sentences paired with beautiful photos of NYC children. The author wrote this version after publishing a very successful version (which wasn’t specific to children) the year prior.

3) Don’t Push the Button by Bill Cotter

If you need an interactive book to distract your kiddo while doing something they hate — changing a diaper, clipping their nails, brushing their teeth (to name a few) — then this book is a great place to start! Nolan thinks this book is SO funny! It basically teases the reader by telling them not to push the button, which of course makes your child want to push the button. Silly things happen to the main character as the button gets pushed.

One thing I will point out is that this book clearly encourages your kid to NOT do what they are asked to do, which is why we only pull it out as a distraction if Nolan is really resisting something. If you have a particularly defiant kiddo then this may not be the best option for you.

4) CUSTOMIZABLE: Love is All Around Ohio by Wendi J Silvano

This book originally stood out to us because it was about Ohio, but I later found out it can be customized for a lot of different states, as well as for a child’s name.

We love this book for a couple reasons. First, we love it because it mentions towns and places that we’ve spent time with Nolan and that are close to our hearts. Second, the message is very sweet — talking about different examples of how to show love and where to find it.

5) Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Ahh, another bedtime classic in Myers house. The main reason we love this book is because of it’s goofy randomness.

Essentially this book is about a boy who is learning about dragons’ favorite things — tacos and parties. He has to figure out the specifics of exactly how to combine those things to create the perfect taco party for dragons. And he has to deal with the consequences of not getting it exactly right. It’s very silly and ultimately has a good message.


5 thoughts on “5 Non-Classic Books Your Kids Will Love”

  1. Pretty sure my nephew needs that book about dragons and tacos, mainly just because I want to read it now. Also, if you don’t follow them already, Humans of New York has an instagram account @humansofny that is just a good daily dose of humanity.

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  2. These all look adorable! As a former elementary school teacher, my daughter already had a huge collection of books before she was even born! lol Give me ALL the children’s books!!

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