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5 Products for Quick, Fresh-Faced Beauty

We all have days when we aren’t in the mood to put our full glam face on – and even more days when we don’t have the TIME for it. We face a choice: look like a hott mess or adjust our beauty routine. There are both drug store and high end beauty brands that can easily get the job done fast.

These are my five go-to products for quick, fresh-faced beauty!

1) Tinted Moisturizer

I tend to go for a “naturally pretty” look (rather than something super high coverage), and a tinted moisturizer is the perfect way to achieve that.

Not only will you moisturize your skin (skipping a skincare step!), but you can also get color and coverage while keeping the skin looking dewy and natural. PLUS you can apply tinted moisturizer with your fingers like you would apply a regular moisturizer, which makes it super quick and easy!

These are my three favorites:


Tip: Try a BB cream if you want something equally quick but with more coverage!

2) Concealer

Dark circles are a tell-tale sign of tiredness & nothing will make you look more well-rested than covering them up! You can also use concealer to cover up pimples, scarring and dark spots — which is especially important if you’ve used a light coverage base (like tinted moisturizer).

I have two favorites:


I like to apply concealer with a sponge like the beautyblender or Real Techniques ones, but you can absolutely use your fingers if you’re in a hurry or putting your face on at a red light on the way to work!

3) Mascara

Even if I don’t do a single other thing to my face, you can bet your bum I’ll have mascara on my lashes. Seriously – it’s a total must.

The trick with mascara is keeping it quick and making it look good without getting it all over your eyelid. I’ve made that mistake – it’s not a good look!

I’ve found the best option is to use a mascara with a small, plastic wand – like CoverGirl’s The Super Sizer ($6). No joke, I own more “luxurious” mascaras and still reach for this one 90% of the time. The wand shape makes it so easy to apply when you’re in a hurry. Plus the formula is FANTASTIC. It doesn’t flake, it holds a curl, and it gets me length with just enough volume.

4) Eyebrow Pencil

Some women are lucky enough to have full, even eyebrows naturally, but that’s not the case for a lot of us. Now that you’ve applied your base, concealer and mascara, it’s time to add some dimension to your face.

Eyebrows are “in” and there are a ton of different products you can use to make yours look good. My favorite is an eyebrow pencil because it’s the hardest to screw up – hence, it can be done quickly.

You won’t find me without these two in my makeup bag:


Tip: Try to find a pencil that already has a spoolie (little brush) on the end. It’ll help you brush and shape your brows before filling in the sparse areas.

5) Lip Balm

It may not seem like much, but putting on a little lip balm can add a ton of life to your face. Quick makeup means means no frills like shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter, so lip balm keeps things fast and practical while adding some shine to a plain, matte face.

I usually stick with clear lip balms, but sometimes go for a tinted option if I want to keep things easy while adding some color. These are my favorites:


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